Noveller ann mari olsen naken

noveller ann mari olsen naken

Stavanger-bedriftene ser økt aktivitet og flere ansatte i Verden er klar for noe nytt og annerledes, noe som fokuserer på håndverk, kvalitet og gode verdier..

Finn ditt neste lokale. Nye eiendommer Meierigata 12, Bryne  m² Kontor. Thornesvei 3, Kongsberg 1. Nye Vakåsvei 80, Hvalstad, Norge  m² Kontor.

Knud Askers vei 20, Asker  m² Kontor. Kaggefossveien 36, Vikersund 1. Solvikveien 12, Høvik  m² Kontor. Mangler du utstillingslokale, lager du et selv Du vet ikke hva mangfold er før du har besøkt møbelmessen i Milano. I'll be crazy mad if we're losing this game as well, but I'm not sure how focused and motivated they are at this point. If it was me- and what I want to see tonight: I want to see it in every run, every tackle tonight. That they're sorry for losing and that tonight they will give back to the fans.

Get us excited for the semi final. And for their own motivation; get a place in the starting XI at Wembley. But maybe that's too much to expect. Slikt skal ikke skje!

Men hvem har skylden her? Carrick gir seg og dermed mister vi en utrolig viktig spiller. Even though the thought of yesterday's game scares me and I don't really want to think about, I just need to write a little and then forget it.

Maybe the worst I've ever seen, and we've seen a lot the past years! It was embarrassing and just awful to watch. And I hate to admit it, but City won the league, totally deserved it. I'm backing Mourinho, he's our manager and he got my trust. But I'm struggling to understand his tactics?! That has to improve next season; right tactics at the right time. We need to buy players that the team needs and get rid of 'dead meat'.

Too many average players in the squad at the moment. We all know what we get out of Smalling and he's not good enough. We need to replace Valencia and if Shaw is not under Mourinhos plan, sell him and get a new left back. That, and someone who can replace Carrick is number one priority. The key of success is consistency.

We won't win titles with a team who one week beat City away and the next one loses for a team who gets relegated. Han er et stort talent og en veldig viktig spiller for laget! Anthony Martial, the most debated player these days. It's many opinions on him and rumors are floating round that he wants to leave due to lack of playing time and has rejected a new contract offer. Martial is so talented and we need to keep him in the team. I'm so sick of seeing players get sold and doing great other places.

In my eyes he's one of our best players and it would be a huge mistake selling him. The problem with Martial is that he's young. He's been struggling with his personal life for a while, but I feel he's gotten more professional this season.

Baby number two is on its way and who knows how that will affect him? Everything the media, me and rest of the fans are writing is only speculations, but I believe Martial wants to stay at Manchester United. He just need to feel wanted and Mourinho need to assure him on that.

I feel all these rumors are part of the contract negotiations, BUT! If he's not committed he should leave. But it's not what I want, I would hate to see him go. He's so talented and I'm sure in some years he'll be one of the best players in the world. I want to see that in a Manchester United shirt. Og for en klassiker sistnevnte ble! Jeg hadde ikke sett for meg en slik kamp i det hele tatt!

Men ville scener og derfor elsker jeg fotball! Kvelden der Ethiad var rigget opp med fyrverkeri og champagnen var godt tilrettelagt nedi isbadet. Ydmykelsen virket komplett da vi gikk til pause. Men for en snuoperasjon! Jeg og Christina skrek som gale da vi utlignet. Jeg har sagt mitt om Smalling, han er dessverre ikke god nok.

Ikke stabil i det hele tatt. Jeg skal love dere vi feiret seieren. For en fantastisk deilig sport! There's been full of surprises in football this week! Event though we're not in the Champions League anymore, I still love football and good moments and wow- this two last days have been crazy and full of remarkable moments!

Watching Liverpool against City was interesting, I clearly don't want any of them to do well. But, Liverpool deserved to go trough. Even though I feel they have over performed and they were lucky to face City right now. I'm not saying this just to hate on Liverpool, but it will be very interesting to see them against another great team and how good they will be against them. I couldn't choose between that game and Rome-Barca so I ended up watching both on two different devices.

And what a crazy game that was. Barca is out we've witnessed some unbelievable scenes! Yesterday didn't disappoint either, I wanted Real to go trough, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for Juventus after the game.

Everything can happen in these games and I feel incredibly sorry for this who don't watch football! They are missing out on life! I love this game! But back to us and United! I've talked about crazy scenes in the Champions League, but man, Saturday was a game I'll never forget. With Etihad all rigged up with fireworks and champagne on ice.

Ready to celebrate in front of us. We're down and the humiliation was a fact. I wasn't surprised, and it was painful to watch. I'm sure the media and all the haters had their headlines ready, with Pogbas blue hair and everything.

But this is why I love my team and why I'll never give up on them. Words can't describe my happiness when Pogba scored! What a massive fail from Peo trying to do mind games before the game! I've said my opinion on Smalling and I hope we sell him in the summer, but for a small minute I loved him!

Yes, City will win the league this year. And they've deserved it. But the city is ours. Manchester is red and that will never change. This girl is back home from Cuba, what an amazing place! We all know Manchester is red, and that City will forever be the little ones in this town.

But money talks and City has come a long way thanks to Sheikh money. They were nothing ten years ago. Watching Liverpool- City in the champions league was interesting. I didn't want to see any of them win!

Liverpool won fairly though and City's defense was shocking. They are not a good as many claim them to be. Anyhow, it's tonight's game that matter now and I think Pep will rest his best players. Some think the opposite just because they lost against Liverpool, but the return is more important for them than this game. They will win the league and probably go for a win today, but players will be rested and United must take advantage of that.

Now it's up to Mourinho to pick the best team and not go for a draw. It's the Manchester derby and I hope he let's Lingard and Rashford play. A winner goal by Pogba today would be absolutely fantastic so let's hope Jose let the team play attacking football. Liverpool proved it earlier this week that if you challenge them, you can beat them.

To see City celebrate the league tonight would be very humiliating. It's a big chance they will, but fingers crossed United puts a stopper for that at least one week. Tonight's it's also my best friends birthday so the champagne will pop anyways! Denne bloggen er personlige ytringer fra utgivere av bloggen. Is it only Mourinho and his boring philosophy or is it the players?

Or maybe a combination? Og endelig, jeg skal til Cuba! Cuba folkens, hvor kult er ikke det? Jeg har alltid hatt en fascinasjon for landet og det er jo noe veldig spesielt med Cuba. I mentioned that I was going on a holiday in my last blog post and today's the day. I don't have a 'bucket-list', but this place has been on my to-do-list in a long time.

Finally- I'm going to Cuba! I'm so excited, I've always been fascinated by Cuba and I think there's something very special with the place.

Their unique history, it's very dramatic and a contrast to the rest of the world. The culture is still like the 50s so I feel this will be like traveling back in times. I'm not sure what to expect, Cuba has always been kind of like a mystery. When I think of Cuba I'm thinking exotic music, happy people dancing in the streets, margaritas, cigars, bright colors, old buildings and architecture, cool American retro cars, white beaches and palm trees.

A place you gotta go see before the tourism gets in the way of experience the real Cuba feeling. I also believe that having no phone and internet will make the experience even more special and better. We're heading to Copenhagen now and then Toronto before Cuba. Fingers crossed for a safe and nice trip.

See you in April guys. For en fantstisk by! Dere vet jo hva jeg gikk for da ;. En ekte turist med andre ord! Utrolig kreativt med masse spennende smaker! NYC var som sagt helt tipp topp og jeg gleder meg til neste gang jeg skal over.

I morgen setter jeg snuta mot ett nytt kontinent. Kan dere gjette hvor jeg skal? Here's some pictures from NYC! My first, but definitely not the last trip to the big apple. My boyfriend works here a lot so I had my own, personal guide for the weekend and that's perfect! It was so cold so I don't have a lot of outfit pictures to share haha. We walked a lot around in the city, but tried to do as much inside as possible.

And what's better than sport?? Really cool to see Zucca live, we had really good seats and the waiters served me double Gin and Tonic as soon as I was empty. What's not to love? First game they lost, but the second was a win and that was good.

Zucca is still in Rangers so hopefully I'll be back to support him later! We did some shopping and just had a good time, enjoyed drinks and good food. My favorite food is Mexican and sushi and I had some top notch food over there. My mouth get watered just by thinking of it.

I want my own guacamole man for my birthday this year! Sunday and our last day we woke up early to watch United- Newcastle. Shit game and worst mood! Thank god they served vodka that early. Tomorrow I'm off again, to a place I've never been to. Can you guess where I'm going?! Men vi tapte fortjent. Ingen tvil om det! Jeg har snakket mye om at laget aldri er konsekvent. Det gjelder spesielt i forsvaret.

Mourinho feilet massivt med laguttak og taktikk. Hva slags signal er det til de andre spillerne? I tillegg benker han Pogba i sesongens viktigste kamp. Mange skriker om det! Jeg vil ha han som manager, jeg tror det er han som er det beste for klubben og som en vakker dag vil lede klubben tilbake til topp.

En annen ting er at vi kan ikke bli opphengt i fortiden. De spilte fantastisk fotball! Angrepsfotball som tok pusten fra deg, det var underholdende!

Kanskje litt bortskjemte og? Vi vil aldri igjen oppleve lignende som under SAFs tider, dessverre. Det han utretter var unikt. Hva skal man si? Den som ler sist ler best? Jeg er dessverre blitt syk- igjen. It's been a few days since the Sevilla game, and honestly I don't know what to feel. I kept it to myself, but before the game I thought maybe it's better to end it now, so we don't get humiliated out in Europe or even here at home against City?

Because the fact is, we are not good enough for the Champions League. After the draw away I got a bad feeling and seeing the lineup I knew this would be though. I've talked about the lack of consistency around the players.

But I think the main problem is no consistency in the lineup! The team doesn't play like a team. And when Fellaini gets to play from start, after being out so long and refuse to sign a new contract, I can only guess how that makes the players feel? Sure, they're professional, but I felt so sorry for McTominay. He deserved to start. Benched Pogba as well. In our biggest game this season.

I just don't understand it. This is on Mourinho. I don't understand his game plan at all and he failed massively. It's on the players too, don't get me wrong. I'm sure he told them to score goals, but with no consistency in the team that's easier said than done. So Mourinho out or what?! People are definitely not happy. A lot wants him out, but I'm not one of them. I'm standing behind Mourinho and I think he's the one to bring us back. Back to the top, back to winning trophies. I know it may seem dark at the moment, but we need to give him time.

We can't throw every manager under the bus haha.. Another thing is that we can't be stuck in the past. I still get a smile on my face when I think of why I become a United fan. In the 90s United was the best football team in the world. They played amazing football. Attacking and entertaining football! There's was never a doubt, I was a red! And growing up under Ferguson was unbelievable.

But Fergie's not here anymore. It's a different time and a different manager for our club. I think a lot of us expect Mourinho to take after Fergie. He was a genius so follow him? It's not that easy.

We will never experience something like Fergie again, and that's sad to admit, but it's true. I also think we idealize Fergie sometimes. We all know the meaning behind 'Fergie time'. It wasn't smooth all the time.

There was some boring games. And as Mourinho pointed out, Champions League hasn't been our best part. With that said, we're allowed to be disappointed. I bet Mourinho is disappointed also. He failed with his tactics and the team let him down. The boss and the players need to step up now. Tomorrow we're playing Brighton in the FA cup and it's our last chance to win something this season. The players need to put in a solid performance tomorrow.

A reaction to the loss, that they wanna win! That's what I expect for tomorrow. Another thing; I didn't know I had so many scousers reading my blog?! Some leave comments now and then, but after the Sevilla game it was crazy. Haha, it's funny though! Hope your weekend will be good and United will win! Unfortunately I'm sick, again, so this weekend will be spent as much time in the bed as possible.

I got the flu after my New York trip but I didn't have time to rest so I never got rid of it and now it's developed to a bronchitis. I hate going to the doctor so I'm only there if there something really serious, I always believe I'll get well soon, but today I had no choice but to go there. I got lots of medicine so hopefully I'm back on track asap. Next week I'm on vacation so I need to be better for that!

This picture showed up on my Facebook recently. It's been many defeats after that.. But one thing will never change, and that's the love for the club.

Og jeg har oppskriften! Er Shaw fit nok? Mange er negative til Jose og hans spillestil, mange vil han skal slutte. De skal ikke trille ball i 90 minutter i morgen, de skal ydmyke Liverpool! Legg vennskap til side! I'm buzzing- one day to go! As I said before, Liverpool will be hard to face.

United must be ready to fight from the second the game starts and never give up. The man doesn't live up to his name anymore, he's too slow and you never know how he will play. I'm afraid we get punished with Young on the left. I don't trust Smalling anymore and will have nerves like a mental patient if he starts. This is everything, we have already seen it many times this season, when Jose allows his team to go out and play attacking football, we've seen the best of this team!

But we played at Anfield, I can understand the boss being defensive. But now we're at home, it's our turn to show off! Seconds before big matches! They're at work, push aside friendship for 90 minutes! You shouldn't stand there smiling at your opponents when your team gets a corner, focus on the match and hang out after.

When I see that happen I really miss a leader like Keane, that would never happen on his pitch! The players need to understand how big this game is, for everyone. That's why I want to see our local boys like McTominay, Rash and Lingard playing, they know what it's all about. Min favorittby i hele verden. Trente to timer og tok badstue. Noen ting har definitivt endret seg!

Jeg har jobbet utrolig mye i det siste og trenger rett og slett en liten time-out. I morgen tidlig har jeg igjen trening og i tillegg booket en times massasje. Men, etter det blir det andre boller! Det blir gratis vorspiel for alle RedArmyBet medlemmer og jeg gleder meg skikkelig. Crystal Palace kampen var himmel og helvete. En syk kamp, og absolutt ikke bra for hjertet!

Noe spillerne garantert tar med seg videre! Liverpool hjemme er min favorittkamp. Kall meg barnslig, men jeg vil alltid hate Liverpool. Det er i mitt DNA. Men det er en det av 'gamet' det! Fyre hverandre opp, jeg elsker det! It feels so good to be back! Not only for the best football club in the world, but because of this wonderful town, the people I had an early flight today and after relaxing in the room for an hour, I went to the gym.

Me, in the gym. In Manchester- things have definitely changed! I always used to start with the traditional beer on the airport and then straight to the pub. Well, I still love that! But I need a balance. After working so much lately I'm gonna treat myself with spa and an hour massage tomorrow after a gym session and just relax today with room service. It's free for all RedArmyBet members so be sure to register and join me! Saturday is a big day.

Biggest game for me trough the whole season. Hating Liverpool is in my DNA. Something will never change. Call me childish if you want, but beating the scousers and see their poor faces is everything. But we need to beat Liverpool.

Yes, Liverpool have been on a roll lately. And I hate it. This games are so open. It's a hard team to play against and it goes both ways. I guess our benefit is that Klopp can not know our game plan. The Crystal Palace game was hell and heaven for 90 minutes. I'm not at all impressed by first half and still find it shocking to be that bad, but let's move on!

We won and the boss and the players deserve credit for that! Definitely a confident boost for Saturday! Yesterday's game was crazy! Crazy good, crazy bad- it had everything! First half was really, really bad. It was shocking and maybe the worst I've seen under Mourinho. Before the game I wrote about the lack of passion from certain players and it seemed like we didn't want to win the game!

After first half I was so pissed off, said to my boyfriend I wanted to turn that shit off and go to bed. Haha, but of course we didn't. Second half, United put pressure on and suddenly they played football! I will never understand that. Must stress the players as well. I couldn't believe it, what a goal!

I had totally forgot how good a last minute winner was! We all remember those feelings under Fergie and coming back shows character! We needed to go into the weekend with a win. I'm far from happy with the performance, but result is what matters.

We knocked the scousers down from the second place and we are ready to face them on Saturday. I haven't blogged in over a month? I'm definitely not happy with that- shame on me! I've been working like crazy, over 70hours every week, went to New York, got so jet lagged and then I got the flu so I honestly haven't had time or energy to write and that sucks, because I really enjoy it.

I can't wait for the weekend and I'm counting days until I'm back in Manchester! The biggest match every year is definitely United-Liverpool and I'm in town no matter what.

No team are better to beat than Liverpool, they've been good lately so I think it's gonna be an exciting game for sure!! Brian Mcclair and Lee Martin will be there and it's gonna be a fun evening! Even though most of my thoughts are on Saturdays big game, we can't forget about tonight. United are in London and we're facing Crystal Palace tonight.

I expect a victory and even though City will win the league I believe it's better to finish second than third. Especially when it's the scousers breathing us in the neck.

This season has so far been a roller coaster, a lot of ups and downs. We've been fantastic, top of the league, played entertainment football and things were pretty bright and then everything collapsed. We got serious injuries and even though that will set any team back, I honestly expected more of United.

The part that still worries me are the lack of consistency. I still can't understand how we lost against Newcastle, how bad wasn't the game?! Thank god they served vodka early in New York because the game was a disaster and we deserved to lose, it was painful to watch.

We have been unlucky this season, but luck, or if you're unlucky, happens to every team. When something happens time after time it's a habit and not about how lucky you are.

Some days United play with so little passion that all I want is to turn off the tv or go home. Sometimes I feel our team consists of overpaid boys not knowing how lucky they are playing for United. Everyone can have a bad day, but losing against Newcastle and Huddersfield is unacceptable. They are both a part of the future so they need to play?! The players need to step up now because it's some important games ahead of us. The thought of facing the best team in Europe scares me, we are not good enough, but everything can happen in the cup!

If United play at their best, of course we got a chance. Our team got so much potential, so much strength, pace and creativity! But they're forced to play in a defensive way that kills the joy out of this game. We're playing at home the next two games so we can't park the bus. We need to attack! But first thing first; Crystal Palace away. I believe we will win tonight! Skal du til Manchester i helgen? Er du allerede medlem holder det at du sender en Mail. I hvert fall under Mourinho. I dag er det en ny dag, en ny kamp.

En seier i dag viser at vi reiser oss fra tapet tidligere i uken. Today, Manchester United will mark the 60th anniversary of the Munich air disaster. The players will wear black armbands and we all will pay respect before and during the game for those who lost their lives. I feel the timing couldn't been better, we all have been shouting after the game Wednesday and called it a total disaster. But we all need to reflect on this, we all know our history and our club have been trough the worst tragedy a football club can imagine.

We all know and understand how important it is to never forget this day. Even though it's the darkest day of our clubs history, it's a part of us and we must use it to become stronger.

Today we will honor those who died for our club. All the players of Manchester United know the facts and the history. Today it's their job to honor the boys who wrote history on the very same ground themselves can be lucky enough to call their home ground and job.

I can't imagine a bigger motivation than this to get out there and entertain the supporters of Manchester United! With a victory today, at Old Trafford- The Theatre of Dreams, where The Busby Babes wrote football history, the players can prove that United will always rise from defeat. The game against Tottenham was the worst 'performance' I've seen under Mourinho. I could write for hours about it but I won't. It's a new day, and a new game. And as I said earlier- a perfect opportunity to rise, for the players to stand up.

I want- and need to see the players step up. I demand a victory. A victory over this week and for the past, for our history. A victory that will prove that United has, and always will rise from defeats. Today and towards the days to the exact time of the tragedy I'm very aware of our history and I'm more emotional. I will never forget what they did for our club, they died for the club we all love so much and if it's one word I can describe both mine and their relationship to Manchester United it's passion.

Let's hope we can see the same on Old Trafford today. En stor kontrast til City. Men han sier nei til et ligagull og velger heller oss. Kom han for pengene? Mange er negative til Sanchez og mener han er overpaid.

Et lite lag for mange, men Mourinho har bekreftet han stiller med et sterkt lag for det er en viktig kamp. I started on this blog post early Monday, after seeing leaked photos of Sanchez in his kit on the pitch. I don't believe in rumors online so I had ice in my stomach while waiting for something official. But seeing him standing on the Theatre of Dreams preparing to make it official for the world gave me butterflies and I knew it was only a matter of time.

And now- finally- we can say welcome to the biggest football club in the world! I said earlier I believed he would join City, but that's exactly why I can't put too much into 'credible sources' on Twitter etc.

I'm really happy he joined us, because he wanted to play for United and not because of the money. Every one of us know very well City would match the payment if he wanted to join the blues. He turned down City and the liga title, to join the biggest club in the world. This generation of players are raised in the glory days of United. They are used to watch United win title after title, and raising legend after legend. A club with a great- and unique history. A history no club can match. The fans are one of a kind and if you play your best you will get the best treatment the rest of your life.

I know many hate the amount of money he and other get paid and yes- it's crazy and ridiculous how huge amounts we are talking about- but to get the best players you gotta pay. And United got the economy to do that, after several decades winning trophies and making success. A huge contrast to our noisy neighbors. The announcement on Sanchez can only be described with one word: I guess I'm not the only one who sat with goosebumps?? I'm so excited to see Sanchez in action and I believe he will play already tomorrow against Yeovil.

Such an important game, we need to go all in now in the cups and I expect a solid win tomorrow! I also want to say thank you to Mkhitaryan, a great guy who unfortunately didn't make it.

No doubt a really good player when he's fit, I'm grateful for what he did as a United player. But after the injury on Pogba it went straight down hill for him. Mourinho gave him time so he's not the one to blame, he wasn't good enough at the moment the transfer request between United and Arsenal was a fact and even though it feels kind of bitter sweet to see him in an Arsenal shirt, it's the right decision. I'm sure he'll do great in Arsenal and I wish him the best. The future is not only bright, it's also RED and we got plenty to be excited for with this team!

Dette er fantastiske nyheter! Ikke bare for oss veganere, men for alle! All respekt til de som kaster den fordi de har innsett hva som ligger bak det. At pels ikke er kult eller luksus. Og til folk som har spurt; nei, jeg bruker ikke skinn. This is great news and I can't describe how happy I was when I heard the news earlier today!

This should be banned ages ago, it's sad that Norway- a country known for including and protecting the weakest hasn't done anything with it. NOAH has been fighting hard in 28 years for this to stop! I've been writing and donating money just to do something- and finally- the government re introducing a total ban on fur farming.

I'm so happy I want to cry. This is a case very close to my heart and when this law is introduced, it's an end to torturing and abusing animals for their fur!

As I said, sad and kind of crazy it's still allowed, but this is a huge step in the right direction! We're living in , it's not cool to wear fur. For some sad people it's still status to wear it, but that's just sad. I got no respect for people that think it's ok to contribute to animal abuse like that. A victory for the weakest and a historical day! Progress feels so good and it proves that if you fight long enough they will listen. I morgen spiller vi mot Stoke, hjemme. Mange har trengt akkurat det.

Man skal for f.. Utrolig trist for han i form er en unik spiller. Guess who started the new year with the flu? Guess who gave away her jacket in freezing Manchester to a homeless dog? Lessons learned- always bring two jackets! So I've been feeling rough since we said hello to , but I had lots of motivation for the new year and I've been working overtime every day.

My boyfriend gave me the newest Fitbit watch for Christmas and you can track everything on it including how many steps you walk and with steps every day I can say I've been active even though I haven't been to the gym yet.

One of my goals this year is to improve my fitness! Not fanatical, but I need to be able to run for an hour without dying. And thats a realistic goal! It's important to set realistic goals, I said I wasn't having any alcohol in January. Like who am I kidding?? Who had sake, white wine and red wine on a Monday before the cinema? Yes, we all know the answer to that..

But, the weekend when I haven't been working, ive been sleeping a lot and just relaxed. I needed it and it's so good just be at home without any plans. Today was my first session at the gym in and words can't describe how much I hate being at the gym in January! Can't wait to the reality hits them to be honest! Tomorrow we're facing Stoke, at home.

There's been too many bad games and performances now and I need a good win. The players are back from training in Dubai and that trip must have been a boost on their motivation and energy! So I expect a solid win tomorrow, if not, wake me up when the season is over. With January here, so are the rumors!

I honestly don't put too much energy into it before something's official. But here's my thoughts; Sanchez yes. Obviously a great player and i think he'll fit well into our team.

Noveller ann mari olsen naken -

And when Fellaini gets to play from start, after being out so long and refuse to sign a new contract, I can only guess how that makes the players feel? Today it's their job to honor the boys who wrote history on the very same ground themselves can be lucky enough to call their home ground and job. Liverpool proved it earlier this week that if you challenge them, you can beat. I'm expecting an entertaining game and a good win.

Alt søkbart materiale vil fremdeles være tilgjengelig! Det fleste søkemulighetene vil også være like gode og i noen tilfeller bedre enn de var før. Siden har forsiden på Digitalarkivet ligget i en publiseringsløsning som deles med Arkivverkets nettsider på www. Nå skal Arkivverket få nye nettsider, og Digitalarkivet skal få et kraftig løft og bli teknisk uavhengig av Arkivverkets nettsider.

Hensikten er å forenkle og forbedre tjenestene, slik at man blir enda mer selvhjulpen, og samtidig får en god brukeropplevelse. Dette gir helt nye muligheter for å videreutvikle Digitalarkivet.

Vi vil med ujevne mellomrom komme med korte bloggposter om dette arbeidet, og hva det innebærer for deg som bruker. I vinter har vi startet arbeidet med å oppgradere våre programvarer for indeksering av skanna arkivmateriale. Arbeidet er ikke på langt nær ferdig, men nå i mars har vi kommet så langt at en viktig ny mulighet har åpnet seg: Vi kan publisere skanna arkivmateriale uten indeksering. Da har vi lagt ut en ny versjon av programvaren til Digitalarkivet.

Da har vi lagt ut ny versjon av programvaren for søk og visning av skanna materiale. Denne gangen er det tre store endringer som er lagt ut. Digitalarkivet utvides med innhold og utvikles i funksjonalitet.

Som følge av dette er kravene til sikkerhet økt. Det vil aldri forandre seg. Mannen er gammel, men han er en fighter. Han har hele verden med seg og det er ikke over enda! For vi er en familie, Red Army vil jeg alltid ha i ryggen uansett hva som skjer meg. Jeg elsker Evra, entusiasmen hans er helt herlig. Og hvor skal han da? Uansett, her sporet jeg litt av. For meg er Premier League ganske ferdig, 2. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember what I was wearing and what I was doing.

The day before it was rumors in the news saying Ferguson was retiring, my roomie told me and I got mad at her because I wasn't ready for it and simply wouldn't believe it.

I was on my way to work the day after when the club confirmed it; Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring, he will no longer manage Manchester United.

My heart sank and I was shocked. No others than us- the red army, will ever understand how it feels. I told my colleagues it felt like my heart was broken, I cried and felt sick. When I came home I sat and watched movies of Ferguson and sobbed. It certainly felt like a breakup. No, worse than that actually. I knew the day would come, but I wasn't ready. Five years has gone now and I'm not alone saying the years after Ferguson has been though.

What he did was extra ordinary. And that's the word I'm using describing Ferguson, he's simply the best. I sat on Twitter when the news came out Saturday that Ferguson was rushed to the hospital. Again I wouldn't believe it and I refreshed the app and hoped this was just a stupid rumor. Reading the statement from the club saying our boss was in coma was the worst.

Again this feeling of getting sick. And some may think I'm overreacting, but this feels like family. And I feel the pain and how it hurts very much, and I know I'm not alone. I have every possible reason to thank Alex Ferguson for what he has done. After all, I wouldn't support Manchester United if it wasn't for him.

Class of '92 got me to fall in love with football and that's Ferguson's master piece. He's given me memories I can't compare With nothing else. I'm happy to say I've met Ferguson two times. He's the nicest man and the only time I've been star struck! How couldn't I be? He's given me unforgettable memories and I will forever be grateful. Sir Alex is number ONE and will always be! Words can't describe how relieved I was when they finally confirmed that the operation was a success and that he's now out of intensive care!

It's not Your time yet boss! After reflecting over how fragile life can be, football can feel a little meaningless.

People lose their loved ones everyday over accidents and sickness, we never know when it will be the last time we'll see a person. It changes lifes and even though football can be so small in that perspective- it's also the reason I love it so much; because for 90 minutes you can forget about the rest.

You can meet Your Red Army Family and things will be ok for just some hours. So for us, it's not meaningless, we all know how much joy and love we get out of football! The show must go on, and tonights it's the last away game for this Premier League season. We're Meeting West Ham and we're facing some familiar faces.

I can't say Moyes is an old favorite, but Chicha and Evra will always be! Especially Evra, he's one of my all time favourites and will always be a RED in my eyes so it will be a bit weird seing him amongst the oppositon tonight!

I'm sure he'll come back to us as an ambassador in a couple of years!? The PL-season is kind of over for me, we'll finish second and I got my eyes on the final. But it shouldn't be over for the players, they need to fight for their place in the team and for the final. I honestly don't get why some are playing so f After the Brighton game I really don't know what to expect anymore.

I can't remember last time the whole team did a good job. Fighting, together for a win..? Tonight's the Player of the year award in Manchester and something I always been watching. Herrera was the winner last year and before that, De Gea with 3 years on the road. Crazy for being a goalkeeper, but that's how important he is for our club. And he's deserved it every year. Lingard had his breakthrough season and I'm so happy for him.

I've always been a fan and think it's embarrassing to read all the hate he gets by his own supporters. But he just kept on fighting and this season work payed off. He's been exceptional and I know that if Lingard starts a game, he will keep working every minute he's on the pitch.

Scored a lot of great goals and also a good ambassador for Manchester United. Lukaku has had a massive impact for the club and with 27 goals definitely one of our best players this season.

Matic was one of the best signings in the Premier League this season and came in to the midfield as a blessing! A very important player for us, also scored one of the best goals this season?!

Pogba is world class, a massive player and sometimes what he does is magic. Just not consistent enough to be the best this season but it's coming. Still very important for our team and a nightmare for our opponents if he can play free. De Gea has proven now he's the best goal keeper in the world. If you don't agree, you don't know football.

He's number 1 in the world and for us. How many points has he saved for us? He's the only player that's been consistent and deserves the Sir Matt Busby Player of the year trophy. Helgen min i London var den beste. Varmen slo mot oss da vi landet og det var virkelig sommertemperatur ute. Og vi slo bo tilbake. Og in Mourinho we trust. My weekend in London was the best!

The result speak for itself, but the weather and atmosphere both days made it 10 out of It was really hot outside so a summer dress and cocktails on Friday after arriving was much needed. We had dinner and wine at a Scottish restaurant then ended it at a casino.

Impossible not to be in a good mood when the sun is shining from you wake up, you get a drink while showering and playing United songs load I love days like that! I got so much energy and feeling really optimistic before the game- best feeling! We took the underground to Wembley to pick up my ticket- waited 40!!

Even though I've called the ticket office the day before and they assured me it would. Issues like that really pisses me off, to be the biggest club in England Man Utd and for Wembley- the national stadium- their routines must! They also asked me all kind of strange questions why I was there, who I was with etc I think they actually googled me?! I wasn't nervous once under the game. I knew we would come back and score- and we did. We're ready for the final! Playing Chelsea will make the game even bigger.

Not easier, but definitely better to win. In Mourinho we trust. Da blir det en preview av storkampen mot Arsenal, og deretter kamp med fansen. Etter kampen blir det show og analyse med alle gutta! For en andreplass er uansett ikke bra nok for meg. Ikke fordi de er det mestvinnende laget i England, men fordi de har hatt en unik lagmoral.

Fekjan 13, Nesbru  m² Kontor. Bjørnerudveien 13, Oslo  m². Gartnerveien 1 - 5, Nesbru  m² Kontor. Drammensveien , Oslo  m² Kontor. Månedens eiendom Forusparken 2, Stavanger, Norge. Blogg Marit Elisabeth Jensen. Optimisme i Stavanger-bedriftene ser økt aktivitet og flere ansatte i Sakte er den nye luksusen Verden er klar for noe nytt og annerledes, noe som fokuserer på håndverk, kvalitet og gode verdier..

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